Where Are You, Fall? // Fashion Favorites

It’s been so long since I’ve showcased anything fashion related here on the blog! Since the first day of fall has come and gone only yesterday, I figured this was last chance to squeeze-in my last summer fashion post for the year.

In Vegas, it’s still reaching the high 90s, low 70s. I guess you can say our good friend Fall is currently running late this season. I usually would be a bit heartbroken by this, however, I’m not too bothered because this week, I’ll be heading to Michigan with Gman for one of my best friends, Jack, marry the love of his life, Rose! (Yes, like Titanic) I’m so excited to go back home and witness the momentous occasion. I also get to see my brother for his birthday, show Gman around my old hood(s), and catch up with a friend. It’ll be a short trip, but I think going home before Gman and I get married in a couple weeks is exactly what I needed before the big day. I haven’t been back home in what seems like ages and this is the just the perfect time of the year to go back, especially since I love the fall. I’ve always wanted to take Gman home and show him the places I remember, places that are only memories in my head now. It’s going to be so nice to be home and be in the crisp Fall air and eat some of the food I miss (ie. Jet’s Pizza, Olga’s Kitchen, National Coney Island, Astoria Bakery etc. etc.)

For now, I am counting down the days. It’s been miserably hot, particularly today. Gman and I went to get our marriage license and just walking from the parking garage and two blocks down to the Clark County Marriage License Bureau was annoyingly uncomfortable. But on the flip-side, WE GOT OUR MARRIAGE LICENSE! The big day is getting so close and the act of getting the license alone hit me like a ton of lovey-dovey bricks that I’ll be Graciella Maria Lyra Colmenares Krycer. EKKKKKKKKK!!!

Okay, before I get a bit too side-tracked, here’s one of my favorite dresses of the season by Raga. I have a few items from this brand that I absolutely adore. The fabrics are:

  • Light

  • Comfortable

  • Beautifully designed


I love the way this dress fits and the beautiful different patterns on it. I’ve received so many compliments on this dress. I’m not sure exactly why people like it, it definitely helps me stand out against the crowd in some way.


I matched the dress with this basket woven hummingbird purse, creme colored loafers and some gold jewelry to accent the gold designs on my dress. Plus, ya’ll know I love gold jewelry anyway.


Hope you guys are well! Have anything good planned for the Fall season?