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Hey, loves!

Hope you all have been doing amazing. I can't believe it's already February; time is passing on by and it's awesome and kind of terrifying all at the same time. I say this because it feels like we were just celebrating Christmas and New Year's with lights, gifts and new year's resolutions. Now, I'm seeing Easter decorations in the stores and all the Valentine's Day stuff on sale. 

I think I'm also nervous because mine and Gman's wedding is in 8 months(!!!!) and I feel like there's still so much to do. I'm going to be DIYing the decorations and still need to order things. I figured since there's still time, why not really take the time to make everything? It's stressful, but exciting. I can't wait to show you guys the ideas I found on Pinterest! Also, I've carefully picked out my bridemaids and maid/matron of honor for the wedding. It took some prayer and clarity, but I'm sure of my choices and can't wait to show you guys who these beautiful gals are. Okay, I'll cut the wedding talk for now and continue on. Wouldn't want to spoil the news because some of them don't even know yet. LOL ! :)

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I wanted to share with you recent accessory that I've been eyeing from JORD Watches, a beautifully created brand that not only creates wood  watches, but pieces that speak to you through time. The watches are unique, sustainable, & modern, something I greatly admire as I value a hand crafted watch that can take me from day to night and vice versa. 

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This is just one of JORD's unique watches, the Frankie in Ebony & Gold (surprise, surprise on the gold LOL!) Aside from it having gold, I chose this watch because I found it to be a very versatile piece to wear with dresses, jeans & a shirt or even a nice blouse and pants. I also loved the large face of the watch. I'm more partial to a "boyfriend" style watch versus a smaller framed women's watch because I have a thing for chunkier accessories. 

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I styled the watch quite more casual than usual. Ya'll know I love my dresses and skirts, but I felt like a good pair of ripped jeans, brown booties, knitted sweater and black hat would really match this look well. A unique look for a uniquely handcrafted time piece ;)

Did I mention JORD also does wrist sizing?! That really won me over because I have a difficult time finding a good fitting watch for my wrist. Because my wrist is smaller, most of my larger faced watches can be difficult to wear because of the fit. I like that JORD is so detail oriented with their style that they make sure the watches not only look good, but fit perfectly on their customers.

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To see more beautiful watches by JORD, shop their online store here and get a unique timepiece that fits your lifestyle. 

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Good luck, guys!