Chesapeake Bay Candles For the Fall // Living In Stye


Happy Fall, ya’ll! 

Vegas weather has been on and off lately. One day, it’ll feel like the chill of the fall has fell upon us, but then there are other days (like today) where the weather decides to heat up a bit. Oh, Vegas... make up your mind!

In the meantime, I’ve been still trying to find different ways to get into the fall spirit. I’ve had my taste of pumpkin spiced coffees and delectable desserts, Gedalya and I used our fall decorations from our wedding to spruce up the house a little bit, and I’ve watched a few Halloween movies here and there (“Hocus Pocus” and “The Great Big Pumpkin” will forever be my favorites!)

I’ve also had the chance to check out Chesapeake Bay Candle’s new scents for the fall, specially their Beach Bonfire, Pumpkin Latte, and Chestnut & Acorn.  


Beach Bonfire promotes scents of peace and serenity with hints of for needle, cracked peppercorn and woodsy smell of a bonfire right by the Chesapeake Bay waters.


Pumpkin Latte smells absolutely delicious! With scents of praline, pecans and pumpkin frosting, lighting this candle gives a vibe of enjoying a relaxing Fall day baking some delicious Autumn desserts and letting the aromas fill the air.


Lastly, the Chestnut and Acorn gives a earthy scent of brown sugared pecans and roasted chestnuts paired with scents of vanilla and cinnamon leaf oil.

My favorite out of the ones I’ve tried is the Chestnut and Acorn candle. The scents all too well remind of the Fall season in Michigan. Also, I ended up using the candle in my wedding earlier this month as our main unity candle! The candle added the perfect aromas for our beautiful fall wedding!

To fill your fall with some of the most classic scents of the season, check out Chesapeake Bay Candles sold at Target, Wayfair and on Amazon !