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Hey guys!

How I’ve missed you! I’ve been MIA for the last few weeks due to my Daniel Fast and getting the flu. Omgsh guys, that nasty flu going around is horribleeeeeee. I usually don’t get sick, but I did. Not fun at all, but I’m so glad to be better. 

I’ve been falling behind on a few things lately, but I’m ready to get back into the game. With fasting and being sick, I started to feel bad that I wasn’t posting or blogging enough. However, disconnecting from social media was actually the cherry on top of taking time to rest and unwind. I’m glad I’m better now and can get back to working on DizzySpangle. I’ve got a few great projects coming up that I’m so excited to share. Not now, but soon. Promise :)

Today, I wanted to share my experience at North Italia, located over in the Rampart Commons in Summerlin. 

This place opened up on December 13th, but I got a sneak peek of the food and drinks during their soft opening a few days prior. I brought my good pal, Brianna Watson (a.k.a. @OfficialBri) because it was her birthday that week! And what better way to celebrate than with some delicious Italian dishes and experiencing a food adventure together. 

Follow Bri at  @officialbrieee

Follow Bri at @officialbrieee

A little background on North Italia: they are huge on craftsmanship and authenticity. These folks are passionate about delivering fresh food to each table and they want you to know it! Their kitchen has a large window, allowing guests who dine-in to witness what's really going on as the chefs create. The kitchen cranks out their own fresh pasta and it’s no joke. I’ve had some fresh pastas at a few restaurants in town, but North Italia’s pasta is probably one of the freshest I’ve had the pleasure of eating. 

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We started off the meal with Burrata, which was as an appetizer filled with winter squash, fuji apple, toasted hazelnut, sage, date and saba. We also sipped on some yummy cocktails. Brie had the Red Sangria with brandy, blood orange, red wine, strawberry and lime while I had the Julietta, which was ginger infused smirnoff, vanilla, st. germain, lime, and prosecco.

The appetizer was fresh and light. The squash with the cheese was not a combination I would have expected to be really good just because I’ve never thought to put them together. (I know, shame on me for having cheese, but I could not help it! Lol)

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For our main dishes, Brie picked a delicious classic: Chicken Parmesan. I decided to try something different and went for a squid ink pasta called Squid Ink Mafaldine. Again, the pasta was fresh, which I think made a huge difference in the meal. The sauce in the Mafaldine was flavorful. I had an inclination that maybe the pasta would have somewhat of a seafood smell to it, but it didn’t (just in case anyone was wondering). Just so I could have enough room for dessert, I ate half the portion and took the rest home (and even reheated in the microwave, the pasta still tasted really great! Lol)

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For dessert, I closed out our meal with a cup of Dirty Almond Chai, and both Brie and I munched on bombolini. One of my favorite experiences is eating something sweet with a nice, hot cup of coffee. The donuts were pretty great, but I would love to go back and experience their tiramisu since that’s my favorite dessert (of course, since it’s got coffee in it!)

Overall, our experience at North Italia was perfect. The staff was super friendly, experienced and knowledgeable about their brand. The restaurant manager even came around the tables to make sure everyone’s experiences were up to par. I thought that was great because I could tell he’s invested in his work and actually cares about the guests’ experience. As someone who’s got a few years of customer experience under her belt, a memorable customer experience like that is gold! 

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Vegas friends, when you find yourself in Summerlin and are looking for a great place to eat, I can’t recommend North Italia enough. Did I mention the interior of the place is like a Pinterest board come to life? If that's not enough, maybe I forgot to mention that they have a happy hour special that includes a bottle of wine (red or white) and the choice of a pizza, bruschetta, or chef's board for $20?! Yep, they did that!

 The restaurant is also located in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Kansas, Pennsylvania, & Texas. Take a look at the list of cities here.

Happy Eating!

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