Shine On // Faithfully Honest


In a society where everyone is trying to "Keep up with the Joneses", I find so much truth in this quote by Marianne Williamson. It's shocking to me when people see my blog or Instagram feed and tell me that my life is "perfect". Let me tell ya'll right now: IT'S NOT

As a blogger, I am willing to admit 100% my feed is an array of perfectly posed/edited photos that are only a small glimpse of my life. My life is nottttttt perfect because it's impossible for someone to have a perfect life. I will say that I'm blessed and God has been way too good to me. However, you're seeing a mirage collage that I've put together on my social platforms.

I used to get really uncomfortable when people told me they were insecure around me. It made me feel as if I couldn't be myself because I was scared I would hurt their feelings. It made me wonder if there was something I was doing to make them feel the way they did. So I would do everything in my power to make them comfortable around me that I would tone myself down. There were times where I even purposely dressed down because people were uncomfortable with the fact that I liked to dress up. I did this for a number of years, trying to please people left and right. After a while, it gets exhausting trying to walk around egg shells. If anything, it would break my heart knowing people couldn't find the greatness within themselves because their insecurities had eaten up their abilities to do so.

Want to know the real me? Most days, I have self defeating thoughts about myself, insecurities about my past that eat me up, and anxiety from just thinking about all the things I have to do. I too even can look at someone else's social feed and feel envious of what they have.

Isn't it horrible how vicious this cycle of discontentment is?

I cling onto Jesus for peace and strength to get me through my moments of insecurity, doubt and discontentment. That's why I like writing about my faith life. It's filled with stories of the ups and downs of my life. I like being able to share my stories of defeat & redemption, feeling lost & gaining hope, and the goodness of God throughout it all. I just hope to write these real-life stories I've curated to let people know that they are not alone in their struggles, whatever they may be. So here's the point: I may look like I have it all together, but I struggle too. The reality is, we all do. 

You don't know what someone else's life is like based off a picture you see on their social platform. And the sad reality is, the person you envy may have the same insecure feelings about themselves because they envy someone else. It's a never-ending, vicious cycle. It's foolish to be jealous of someone because they "seem" to have a perfect life based on their social media posts. You're setting yourself up for the spirit of discontentment to fill up your heart and mind, allowing you to miss out on all the great things in your life. You'll constantly strive to make your life just as "perfect" as someone else's, when you should be making YOUR LIFE as great as it can be.

We have the choice to take our lives and make something absolutely wonderul with them. Why do we constantly get tugged to wanting a depiction of someone else's story when you can beautifully and uniquely create your own? You are a living, breathing person who has so much to offer the world. Don't get so caught up wishing you were someone else because you think they're great; YOU ARE ALREADY SOMEONE GREAT!

Now, if you're struggling with someone trying to bring you down because of their own insecurities, I've learned that you can only control your own emotions. Be graceful, mindful, and cover that person in love and positive words of encouragement. Remind that person of their unique purpose in life, strictly made for them by special order from the guy that lives upstairs ;) ...And I'm talkin' about G-O-D in case some of you actually have a human guy that lives above them.

Also, remember that there is nothing wrong with being yourself. Just because someone has an issue with how bright your light is shining doesn't mean you have to shut it off. Chuck a pair of sunglasses in their direction and tell them to put them on because you are going to keep on shining no matter what! ;)

Praying for anyone struggling with insecurities.
Love you guys!