DIY Wine Charms // Living In Style


Happy National Make a Friend Day, lovies!

I'm so glad there's a holiday to celebrate making friends. I think with all the chaos our world is currently featuring, more love needs to be spread. Haha! Also, I find that as I've gotten older, my circle of true friends has gotten smaller. It's sad, but true. I'm the kind of person that likes to be friends with everyone, but I've learned the hard way that you can't always do that. And you know what, that's okay :)

I've also come to find that my definition of a true has changed over the years. I think when you're investing time into people, it's good to have an idea of what kind of friendship you're looking for. For me, I consider someone a friend when:

  • You can communicate with each other openly & honestly. 
  • You fully trust them in confidence, whether if it's their advice or their judgement.
  • They don't take loyalty lightly and will always have your back.
  • You love each other whole heartedly despite any flaws you may both hold and through all the ups and downs in life.
  • You can enjoy the sience between each other with full comfort. (this one may not be as important as the others, but just something I look out for.)

So in honor of today, I wanted to share a DIY project of making your own wine charms. If you're like me and my friends and enjoy a good wine night, you can make these and gift them to your new buddies. See this as a token of appreciation to give to your close frands, old & new, and celebrate each other over a nice glass of your favorite wines. 


What you'll need:
(Note that I bought all of my goodies at Michaels)
1. Charms - I made my wine charms by using charms that had encouraging and fun sayings on them.
2. Hoop earrings - The ones I bought are super bendable and have a metal piece on one end of the circle to secure both ends together. 
3. Small crafting beads - I got ones in silver & black because I was going for a clean color palette of metals, but feel free to use whatever colored beads you want!


1. Take one of the hoop earrings and insert small beads in first. I created a pattern by first putting in two small beads, then the charm, and then two small beads again.  

2. Secure both ends of the hoop earrings together. 

3. When ready for use, simply unclasp the ends of the hoop and wrap it around the bottom end of the wine glass (so it sits on the base).  

Voilá !!! Simple, easy and fun :) 

I hope you guys enjoyed this project. 

What are some ways you spend time with your friends? What kinds of qualities do you look for in your friendships? 

Let me know in the comments below :) 

Love you guys ! Xo