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Another year is left behind and we voyage forward into an unknown beginning of 365 days. Entering a new year can be exciting yet a bit overwhelming, all at the same time. Due to social habitual-ism, this is the time of the year where most people take advantage of a fresh new start and set goals for themselves. Did you guys know about 80% percent of people who start off the new year with resolutions fall off the band wagon the second week of February (according to US NEWS)? Take that in for a second...

Eighty. Percent. EIGHTY PERCENT!!! So that means most of us will give up after 1 month, after 31 days into 365 days of the year.

80% of people took the time type or write out a list out that has all their goals for the year and will say "Nahhh. Forget it!" after 31 days.

80% of people will give up on their dreams and aspirations because they can't get into a rock solid habit.

80% of people will complain in December that they didn't reach their goals for the year and will boldly attempt to write out their list of resolutions, yet again.

And 80% of people will fall into a vicious cycle of not accomplishing their resolutions because they'll quit, yet again, in February.

Well sheesh! Why even bother setting goals if most of us are doomed to be part of a statistic?

Well, there is that other 20% of people, the 20% that actually sets their goals for the year, tries with all their might to be consistent and strong-willed...the people who actually succeed at New year's Resolutions. I don't know about you guys, but I want to be part of that 20%.

Not going to lie, I set some goals for myself in 2017 and some of them came into fruition. Others...not so much. But this year, I refuse to be part of that 80%. I want to be part of the 20%. 

I want to look back on my year and be proud of myself.

I want to see my list in December and proudly see a full list of goals crossed off, signifying that I've done everything I wanted to do.

I want to take this year by storm and really make it count.

Lastly, I want the same for you.

Consider this an open invitation to team up with me in my boldness of joining the 20%. This year, I'm forming an accountability team of creatives to take hold of our resolutions and crush every single one by storm. Whether you have business goals or personal development goals, this is a chance to be authentic and successful in what YOU want for your life.

Being a part of The 20% Team includes:

1. Setting your goal(s) and achievement dates for the year along with a breakdown of your week-by-week plan.

2. Holding yourself accountable in your actions.

3. Updating our team via Facebook Group with a weekly report of what you accomplished, what you learned about yourself, and any other discoveries you made during your process.

4. Cheering other people on as they progress in their resolutions! 

5. Encouraging those that are struggling with words of compassion, and offering any tips/advice that they may use along the way.

If you can support and want to be supported, send me an email at so we can chat more! I’d love to hear what goals you have for 2018 and if you’re willing to be part of The 20 Percent. I’ll be making a private FB Page Group for this so we can have a place to support each other. 

Looking forward to supporting you achieve your goals for the year !!! 

Love you, guys Xo