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Happy Monday, guys!

This past weekend was so productive and busy!  Some of my friends and I decided to do an all-day hang out sesh, equipped with lunch at mine and G's place, wedding decoration shopping at Michael's (cause Hobby Lobby isn't open on Sunday, those darn amazing Christians!) and a stroll/dinner over at Townsquare with Gman and some of his buddies. Gman and the guys went shooting in N. Las Vegas and it sounded like they had the time of their lives. LOL. I definitely had fun and kind of hoped the weekend wouldn't end. I was also able to clean the apartment with Gman (which is such a relaxing thing to do cause then everything is clean #OCD lol) and attend a couple influencer events (which you'll see a post about one of them here on the blog soon!) I don't know about you guys, but for me, that's a great weekend for the books. What did you guys do this weekend?

Additionally, it got super windy here in Vegas as of yesterday. It was pretty nuts because it hasn't really gotten cold yet!...That is until yesterday and then today. Today is high 54, which I'm pretty happy about cause it finally feels like fall...which is still really late considering it's supposed to be winter in a couple weeks LOL!

Before the wind set-in, I was able to adventure through Red Rock with one of my good friends, Camila. Please check out her amazing IG page because it gives me life just looking at it.

We spent some time adventuring at Red Springs and hung out. I've been so caught up with work, getting sick and other obligations lately that I haven't really been on a hike in a while. It was absolutely gorgeous out, so naturally, we took a few snaps.

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I wore my Jason Wu long sleeved knit and paired it this skirt from Zara. I threw on some black tights and brown booties from American Eagle to complete the rest of the look.

I'm quite proud of this look cause:

1. I usually wear more colors in my outfits and stray away from wearing blacks and grays. I think it's the bohemian chick in me. I don't know why, but I never really gravitate towards dark colors for outfits. I can understand wearing them for certain occasions (funerals, business meetings, etc. etc.). 

2. I usually don't wear tight mini skirts. I get kind of insecure of my curves. I should embrace them, I know. But for myself, I get wishy-washy. It's one of those things where I can tell other people that they are beautiful and they should embrace themselves, but have it be completely different when it comes to myself. Maybe I should take my own advice, huh? It's a day by day battle; shouldn't over think it. I will say that with this skirt, I like the design on the front and actually feel okay wearing this. I don't get too insecure about  my curves in this outfit, so I'm happy! Kind of a personal victory for myself, so WOO-HOO! 

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As I look out the window today, I see gray skies and the trees swaying back and forth like crazy. I am really hoping the wind calms down here. I hate driving when it gets this windy because I feel like my car is gonna flip over when I'm driving, even with just driving the speed limit.

Anyways, enough about the weather! I've started planning decorations for the wedding and I am so excited! It's nice to have a concept down, now it's just about execution. I'm planning to DIY all the decorations. I have about a year, so I think that gives me enough time to conquer accordingly ;) With the venue, theme/colors, dress, and guest list (almost) planned, it seems like it may be smooth sailing from here on out. Trying not to worry about anything bad happening, which may happen, but I can't control that. The most I can do is stay organized and realize that I'm working with everything as best as I can. Plus, Gman wants to be involved with every step (such a blessing!) and my friends do as well (even more of a blessing!). I am so happy that I am not alone during the planning process of the wedding, that's for sure. Thank yah, Jesus! 

If you have any tips for making your own decorations or some projects that you've done, leave them below! Would love to know what ideas you have for a fall wedding. Who knows, maybe I'll even add them to the concept I've come with up. LOL

Love you, guys!