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Hi, beauties!

Sorry for the lack of social updates this week. I started off the new year spending time with family that came into town. I'm trying to be more "in the moment" (One of my many new year's resolutions). My aunt and my little cousin are from the Philippines and came to visit my Mom and me. I wanted to take some time to spend with them. Most days, I work 9-5 pm so I could only hang with them after work. Definitely time well spent! I hadn't seen my beautiful aunt in 5 years and it was my first time meeting my little cousin (who also happens to be my god daughter).

My little cousin is actually the daughter of my late uncle (my aunt's brother). Since his passing, my aunt had been helping raise her. She's doing such an amazing job as my cousin is just so polite, talented and such a smiley little lady. I am so glad to call them family and hope I can see them again soon <3

This week, I wanted to share one of my favorite sweater weather looks of the season. One of my favorite ways to wear a cardigan sweater is with a belt. One of my favorite ways to wear a dress is with boots. So what do you get when you combine both looks? Today's post! (Taaaahhh-dahhhhh)

Dress //  Free People &nbsp;;&nbsp;Sweater //&nbsp; Francesca's &nbsp;

Dress // Free People ; Sweater // Francesca's 

This sweater is actually pretty big on me and when I first bought it, I was trying to find a way to keep the cardigan from slipping off my shoulders. One day, I wore it with a belt and have worn this sweater that way since then.

Belt // Patty's Closet (currently closed)

Belt // Patty's Closet (currently closed)

Tights // Walmart (if you can believe that!) ; Boots //  Steve Madden

Tights // Walmart (if you can believe that!) ; Boots // Steve Madden

Gman and I went to this area by where we live and just fell in love with the scenery. It's a man made lake with all these gorgeous houses around it. I've always loved the idea of having a house by a lake. I think it's all those summers from when I was growing up when I spent up north in Michigan visiting family who had houses in front of a lake. There was just something very peaceful about being there. Going to this area brought me back to those memories.

My favorite part about this lake? There are so many ducks that live there! It's filled with all types of ducks, ones that I never even knew existed.

It was pretty funny because the second we got out of the car, Gman was approached by two ducks who just stared at him. He started taking pictures of them and they stood there and posed. I guess they're used to strange humans just taking pictures of them that they've learned to fall in love with the camera. One even waddled across frame of the picture Gman took of me below LOL!

Who would of thought that this would be in Vegas? I sure didn't! It was another adventure day down for the books.

Hope you guys are having a great weekend!

Love you guys Xo