Spangle Sale: High Low Skirt


Have you ever looked at your closet full of clothes and said to yourself, "I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR"? Even though I've had this moment multiple times in my life, it wasn't until a couple months ago where I said that and thought about how silly I sounded. My closet isn't huge, but it's definitely full of clothes. I have things hanging in there that I haven't worn in years, yet I still resort to the thought that I need to buy something new for (insert important social event of the year here).

Although I would love to have the luxury of buying new outfit after new outfit, yah girl has BILL$$ to pay. So instead of hoarding all of these clothes that I haven't worn for the longest time, I've decided to set up shop on PoshMark and sell my closet there!

As much as I hate to part with this beautiful piece, this skirt deserves to get some summer sun before the chilly fall weather hits us!

This high low skirt is comfortable, flowy and just down right makes me feel like a princess. I think my favorite thing about it is the salmon color. I'm usually not a huge fan of pink apparel, but I find that this skirt pretty much matches any neutral colored top. The skirt has a black banded waist that's comfortable and doesn't make you feel like you're suffocating. 

Photography by Gedalya Krycer (

Top: Forever 21; Shoes: Patty's Closet

I've had a lot of memories with this skirt. I've worn it to birthday parties, lunch with my friends, school, church, work, in the summer, in the winter (if you wear it with black tights and black booties, it's a great look!)...pretty much any occasion. Although I prefer to wear this with heels and a nice blouse, this skirt is also great with a tank top, sandals and cute accessories.

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If you have questions about the garment, feel free to comment below or on my Poshmark page. :)

Happy Shopping! Xo