Simple Eating: Banana Chocolate Oatmeal Breakfast Cookie

As a 25 year old Millennial, there are a few accomplishments that I find bring me extreme satisfaction:

  • Going a whole day without caffeine.
  • Spending my nights after work actually doing something productive instead of resorting to lying in bed, eating chips and watching Netflix.
  • Finding something on the Internet, whether it be a DIY project, craft activity, make-up tutorial, or healthy recipe, and easily replicating it.

Now the first two on the list I can say I've accomplished more than once or twice in my life and it felt GLORIOUSSSS. However, the last one was the only one not crossed off the list....until now !!!!

Okay, it's pretty sad that I am so excited about the fact that I saw something on the internet and was able to successfully execute a replica in the comfort of my own home, but this is my just accept me as I am and roll with it. Cool?

In all honesty, I've been in a weird lull for my food posts which explains why you haven't seen so many from me lately. For one, I've been a hardcore budget with my boyfriend, Gedalya, and have been taking classes called Financial Peace University. This has caused me to be extremely careful with my money in order to do the impossible: Pay off my student loans before I'm 30. (SAY WHAAAAA?!?!?! Yeah, I know...) *hair flip* Basically, this has made me really picky about what food to buy. However, I keep finding these awesome easy recipes and I've been dyinggggggg to at least try one of them and see if the food I make actually comes out the same way as the pretty little pictures on the screen portray.

This delicious recipe I found is from, and guess what? It turned out phenomenal ! Like, I'm talking "I made these and they were gone after a half hour" type of phenomenal.

I do have to say that when I made these, it was not a solo act, but a team effort. I partnered up with my partner in crime and lovely boyfriend, Gedalya. We combined and activated our G & G powers to make these delectable desserts, so I guess I can't take ALL the credit...

3 ingredients, 30 minutes (+baking time). These breakfast cookies are super simple to make, won't make you feel guilty for eating them, but WILL make you feel guilty for not wanting to share them with anyone. (Gedalya and I split our batch in half because like each other so much. My Mom took one bite and took my batch to work with her.)

Banana Oatmeal Breakfast Cookie

2 bananas
1 cup of uncooked rolled oats
1/4 cup of chocolate chips (To make this recipe vegan, use dairy free chocolate chips)
*Optional: You can substitute chocolate chips for raisins, or add crushed nuts to add more protein)

Heat oven to 350 degrees. Taking your ingredients, mash bananas in a bowl, making sure there are no chunks left. Mix in the oats and chocolate chips with the mashed banana.

Grab a spoon and roll the "batter" into circles, placing them on a cookie sheet one at a time. Place them in the oven for 20 minutes (The cook time may vary depending on your oven. The recipe on said to cook for 15 minutes, but I baked them extra because the cookies weren't cooked thoroughly yet.)



And that's it ! Super simple, right? The consistency of these should be a mix of banana bread and a soft chewy cookie. Also, the original recipe said it would make 16 cookies , but we made them into big chunks to create 8 cookies, so it's totally up to you on how big/small you want to make them. To see a tutorial video, check out my Instagram page:

Happy Eating!!!!