Lace & Sparkles // Fashion Favorites

Happpyyyy New Year !  

The last day of the year has arrived and it's so surreal. This year has been the best one yet. It definitely had its ups and downs. However, I believe everything happens for a reason and I am a better me than last year. From failure, I learned to get back up and triumph anything that got in my way. From loss, I learned to appreciate the people I have to hold on to them tighter. From hard work and perseverance, I gained more than I could have imagined, just the ultimate blessings on blessings. I couldn't be any more grateful. <3

Before the festivities begin, I wanted to share my last Fashion Favorites post of the year with a look that's a bit of sparkle and elegance. 

Do you ever associate garments with good memories? Every time I wear this dress, I remember the first time I wore it, which was for mine and Gman's Birthday dinner at Eiffel Tower Restaurant. I actually bought this dress on a whim because I wanted to get something special to wear for a momentous occasion. So like any lady who wanted to get a nice dress and not break the bank doing so, I went to Target. 

A few things about this dress:

1. I loveeee the color. The purple is a beautiful shade and I think it goes really well with my skintone.

2. I love how it lays slightly off the shoulder and the different lengths at the bottom of the skirt. I think there's something nice about off the shoulder dresses. And not going to lie, I really like my shoulders, so why not show them off in a nice lace dress?

3. This is another versatile piece to add to my closet. I found myself not only wearing this for date night with Gman, but for work at the office, to church on the weekend and out with my girlfriends for a nice lunch. It's pretty much a catch-all dress.

I paired it with my brown leather jacket, my black thermal tights, and my magenta pointed heels. So why the leather jacket? Well for one thing, it's cold out. LOL. But the other reason is because I find it riveting to mix my girly pieces (like the lace dress) with a kick-butt edgier piece (like the leather jacket). I like mixing styles while achieving a nice balance between edgy and glamorous.

And just to add a little sparkle, I matched it with a rainbow glitter clutch from TopShop. I don't use this clutch often, but I thought it added even more glam to the look.

Okay, okay, okay… I should be off celebrating with loved ones, but I wanted to just squeeeezeee in this last post before I shout “HAPPY NEW YEAR!” at the top of my lungs.

Gman and I are keeping it pretty low key this year. We had dinner with his grandparents and grandma and grandpa served a VERY delicious meal with a side of awesome conversation.

Now, we’re back to my house to ring in the New Year Filipino style. My Mom does this thing every New Year’s where she buys and sets up 13 different kinds of round fruits. Then she sets out different trays of food with meats, noodles and desserts along with a bowl of rice and water. LOL. I think it’s all supposed to represent long life and prosperity for the new year to come. Anyways, I’m on duty this year to make sure it’s all set up before midnight because Mom is working the night shift. I think Gman and I will probably watch Harry Potter as we wait for midnight to come, sip on some good wine and just relax.

I hope you all have a wonderful, safe & happy new year!!!!! Cheers to blessings, happiness, success and great health <3

Thank you guys for supporting me this year. I can’t wait for the new adventures to come and to share them with you guys.

Love you!!!! Xo