Casual Winter Look // Fashion Favorites


Hi, lovies!

I hope your Christmas weekend is going amazing so far. I still have so much to do today. Gotta run some errands for Mom before Gman comes over tonight for dinner. Mom is making a Filipino dinner and she bought some yummy desserts to go with it. Unfortunately for me, I can't eat any of the dinner she's making cause it's all meat based, but I CAN eat desserts, so I'm a happy camper !! Haha. 

Hat, Poncho and Gloves:  Forever 21  ; Selma Bag:  Michael Kors

Hat, Poncho and Gloves: Forever 21 ; Selma Bag: Michael Kors

Jacket:  Target  ; Tights & Boots:  Francesca's

Jacket: Target ; Tights & Boots: Francesca's

Before our festivities tonight, I wanted to share one of my favorite winter outfits as of now. Winter time calls for layers, knits and pulling off the "hobo look" with style. 


I have this long wool poncho I got at Forever 21. It has a tie in the middle and kind of makes me feel like a samurai when I wear it. But I layered it on with a cami, tights and knee high boots to make myself look more like a regular girl.

In all seriousness though, I do love this poncho from Forever 21. It's a versatile piece that can be worn with jeans & heels as well. My favorite thing about the poncho is the tie in the middle. Because I'm short, I like to belt longer garments around my waist. This is a good trick for short people like me because it puts emphasis on me wearing the garment and not the garment wearing me. Lol. What I mean by that is that because bigger and longer garments can make a short person look shorter, it's good to use a belt to make the look more put-together and show off your shape. Lucky for me, this poncho came with the tie, so I was able to do this no problem. 

I topped off the look with my army jacket from Target and some colorful knit accessories. My fingerless gloves are a lot of fun to wear and I thought they would add some pops of color to my look since my clothes are a mix neutrals and darker colors. 


I hope you guys have the Merriest Christmas!

Love you all & God bless Xo