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Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii guys!

I am so excited that the weekend is here. This week seemed to drag on and on, but now I get to relax and hang out for a couple days. I'm finding that even though life can get in the way, it's really important to not only rest, but replenish yourself. I've been church hopping around Vegas and I landed at this awesome church suggested by my beautiful friend Angel called The Crossing. The sermon for the week was about the difference between rest and replenishment and I took a challenge to ensure I did both this week. I'll be writing about my experience, so look out for that sometime soooooon. (Or maybe I'll just rest & replenish some more and make yah guys wait. Idk. PS- I'm totally kidding....OR AM I?!)

Not going to lie, I'll be working a bit this weekend (of course), but my boyfriend Gedalya (G) and I will be attending a cute lunch with some of our great friends who are awesome chefs. Because I'm a pescatarian, sometimes eating with friends can be a little complicated. Yes, I'm that ONE friend who just makes things difficult for the waiter at a restaurant (I ordered a steak quinoa bowl without the steak one time and our waiter had no idea what to do, he had to call a manager lol). Anyways, I'll be bringing over a vegetable lasagna dish, so I hope my cooking skills are just as up to par as the lovely ladies hosting the meal. Do you guys have any good plans this weekend at all?

The weather has been up and down lately, so it's kind of hard to tell when Fall will officially hit Vegas. Either way, it's been nice to not have to feel like I'm walking into an oven once I step outside.

I just wanted to share with you guys an outfit that I've been keeping on the back burner since summer. This dress is from Forever 21 and I was obsessed when I first tried it on. Honestly though, after wearing it a few times and washing it, it's shrunk a bit. This is one of those moments that I'm grateful for being short because I can almost always take a long shirt that make it into a dress, or in this case, still wear a shrunken dress. HAHA.

I originally bought it for $10. Can you believe it? I basically dug through the store's sale rack cause one of the malls here in Vegas have a Forever 21 that features BOGO for their sale items. So when I went shopping one day for work clothes, I found this little number, tried it on and just knew I had to have it. Plus, who could pass up that great of a deal anyways???

Dress:  Forever 21

Dress: Forever 21

Boots:  Charlotte Russe  Sunglasses:  Francesca's

Boots: Charlotte Russe
Sunglasses: Francesca's

The boots? THE BOOTS. I got those at Charlotte Russe for $15 on a spontaneous shopping day. It's amazing what you'll find when you go on unplanned shopping adventures. The boots have a small heel to them, but they are comfy to walk in and I personally think they just make the whole outfit.

Necklace:  Latch Key

Necklace: Latch Key

So not gonna lie, I completely geeked over how awesome these pictures turned out. If you guys could have only seen how quickly my friend Marianne took these photos AND ON A WINDY DAY NONETHELESS. Ten minutes flat, the pics were taken. Another 5 minutes for editing and bam! All done. I was seriously shocked. If you're looking for portraits to be taken here in Vegas, definitely hit her up via email at:

Have a splendid weekend, beauties !