Fashion Favorites: Patty's Closet

If there's one look I without a doubt, seriously for real, absolutely, with all my heart know I CANNOT pull off, it's the ever trending romper. Rompers have been my nemesis since I first tried one on in a dressing room at Francesca's a few months ago. It made me look gumpy and it made me look really short and big. I think you have to have a certain body shape to effortlessly pull off a romper, and being 5'2 with a curvy figure doesn't help. (Note: That's just my opinion for myself and how I looked. Not saying other curvy short girls couldn't pull off the look.) But to my surprise, I saw a romper at Patty's Closet, thought, "What the heck?" and tried it on. I was amazed at how nice the romper actually looked on me! For once I felt confident in the style I once loathed. I can whole-heartedly say am happy to show you my look in this week's Fashion Favorites post.

I paired the look with a gold accented brown belt (also from Patty's Closet) along with my brown gladiator heels I got from Although the colors of both accessories are different from each other, I really liked the style of my heels with this outfit. I didn't do black accessories because I wanted to mix things up a bit. If I was wearing this outfit out at night, I might considering wearing black heels with a black belt.

I also didn't wear jewelry because there's already so much going on with the print of the romper and the style of the belt. I didn't want to take away from both of those pieces.

Thank you Patty's Closet on S. Rainbow Blvd and Windmill for hooking yah girl up with another wonderful piece! Also, thank you for supplying me with a romper I can finally wear ! Ya'll are the best :)

To check out more styles from Patty's Closet, make sure to follow them on Instagram: . The S. Rainbow and Windmill location also ships orders nationawide, so ladies don't be shy and treat yo self ;)

Thanks to the forever awesome photographer, Ben Sahagun for taking these great pics! You rock, Ben :)

Have a great weekend, everyone ! XO