Fashion Favorites: Patty's Closet

One of the best things about Vegas is the shopping. Ranging from high end to low end brands, Vegas really has a plethora of stores that can cater to almost any style. Although I do love high-end brands, there's a large price tag that comes with that. So naturally, being the semi-broke college student that I am [JK!!!!....not really ;)] I opt for a cheaper price point when it comes to adding pieces to my wardrobe. A great store here in Vegas is called Patty's Closet. With two locations in the city, Patty's Closet is a popular local women's boutique owned and ran by Patty and her husband. The store is filled with apparel, jewelry and other accessories that are trendy and affordable. They have also received awards from "Best in Vegas" as "Best Women's Clothing Store" and I can definitely see why. They're one of the first Las Vegas brands to really make it big that they've started franchising. Aside from Vegas, there are 5 other Patty's Closet stores located in Hawaii and Alaska.

To be honest, I don't really shop too much (as I previously mentioned in my last entry). But when I do find something I like, I make the investment. So when I walked into Patty's Closet on Rainbow and Windmill the other week, I was surprised to find that I wanted to buy everything! Literally gushing to myself about how cute everything was, I just knew I had to buy SOMETHING. Luckily, the store owner of this location, Angel, helped me pick out a beautiful dress and I wanted to share it with you all!

You guys know I'm a sucker for floral dresses. So when Angel picked this dress out, I tried it on and I fell in love! This dress is PERFECT for the summer. Since it's super hot here in Vegas, it can be a struggle to fight with the heat and still look cute. I love dresses this time of the year (or any time of the year for that matter) because you can wear them casual or formal. Although this dress looks more formal in heels, I could wear flats and a cardigan with it to give it more of an everyday look.

I also picked out a beautiful white floral necklace with the dress and completed the look with my white heels from I picked white as my accessory color because it's a neutral color that doesn't over power the floral colors on the dress.

I am really happy with my purchase from Patty's Closet! This particular location really has it all: unique pieces, fashionable accessories and affordable prices. And the thing that really pushes me to go to the location on Rainbow and Windmill is the service. Angel and her employees actually made the effort to really help me pick out garments and find what I wanted. They're super friendly and easily picked out pieces in the store that matched my style. What's great about them is that they receive new merchandise every week, keeping the store fresh with trendy pieces !

Visit the store at: 7920 S. Rainbow Blvd., Ste 115Las Vegas, NV 89139

Shout out to Angel and her store for helping me come up with this look. :D You guys are awesome blossom Xo

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