Beauty Picks & Tricks: Lancôme 24 Hour Foundation


If you haven't already figured it out, I love makeup. I love the different brands and their unique formulas, I love testing out different colors on my face, I love the feeling I get after looking at myself in the mirror and seeing the final look. I. Love. Makeup. However, instead of buying millions of different products and seeing which ones I like best, I usually go to the ones recommended to me by friends or beauty sales associates. This word of mouth advertising makes me feel more confident that the products they're recommending are great quality, must-have products. Well, now it's my turn to recommend a product to all of YOU ! While shopping at Ulta a few months ago, I repurchased a foundation from Smashbox that I had been using for months at that point. However, when I went home to use it, something bizarre happened. The product seemed different and wasn't giving me the coverage I once loved. The next day, I went back to the store to exchange my foundation in hopes of swapping it out with something else. I was assisted by a wonderifical beauty associate who recommended I switch my foundation to Lancôme instead. Skeptical at her request, I asked if she could do a test sample on my neck and hand, just to make sure the color would match to my skin. She brought out Lancôme's 24 hour Makeup Foundation  and explained that it was one of the top selling foundations on the market (something you hear all the time). I've always heard great things about Lancôme, but never tried their foundation. Because my skin is sensitive, I get a bit weary when it comes to switching foundations, but I was pretty desperate for something new.

The beauty associate matched my skin tone and she tested Lancôme's foundation on my face. I didn't see the benefits of the product right away, but I saw the color matched perfectly and decided to give it a shot. Worse case scenario, I would just come back and return it.

The next day, I tried the foundation on my whole face and I was SO pleased ! This stuff is AMAZING. I definitely saw a difference and can see why it's a best-seller. Lancôme's 24 hour foundation gives:

  • Medium to full coverage
  • Has SPF 15 in the foundation
  • Feels velvety soft on my skin
  • Doesn't have a weird stench to it (ie. MAC Foundation)
  • Is blendable and leaves a fresh finished look that's cake-free
  • Lasting coverage all day long (With the hot weather in Vegas, I still have to touchup my makeup with a matte powder, but not as often as before!)

This product is also great on camera! I used the foundation for a photo shoot I recently did, and the results looked great! I usually get insecure of what my skin looks like on camera, but I saw the pictures and felt so confident about the way my skin looked. Lancôme's foundation is DEFINITELY my newest favorite product in my makeup bag !

To see how I apply my Lancôme 24 Hour Foundation, check out my video below :)