Beauty Picks & Tricks: How to Remove Gel Nail Polish

Although I LOVE getting my nails done, sometimes the after effect can be a hassle, especially when I get the gel polish. Since gel polish only lasts about two-three weeks, there's upkeep that needs to be done to keep my nails looking flawless...which means I need time...and money...which are two things I don't have a lot of right now. Haha ! I got my nails done a couple weeks ago and recently noticed that my two weeks of gawking at my nails in awe were just about done. They were starting to grow out and that unattractive space between my gel polish and my cuticle were forming. Instead of sulking at how bad my nails were starting to look, I decided to do something about it and remove the gel polish at home, DIY style.

So for anyone who's ever wanted to save a trip (and some time & money) from going to the nail salon to remove your gel polish, this tutorial is for you ! Scroll below for step-by-step pictures on how to remove those stubborn gel polishes off your nails.

What You'll Need:
Nail Polish Remover
Cotton Pads

Start off by cutting the cotton pads in half with scissors and soaking them nail polish remover.

Tightly wrap the soaked cotton pad around your nail.

Next, cut off a piece of foil and wrap it on top of the cotton bag, holding it in place.

Repeat process to the rest of the nails until your hands looks like they're trying to protect themselves from having aliens read their thoughts. Leave the pads and foil on for 15-30 minutes.

Remove the pads and foil from your nails and use a cuticle tool to remove the polish. The polish should be easy to peel off at this point. If not, re-apply the cotton ball and foil for however many additional minutes as needed.

My nails before

My nails after

Hope you lovebugs found this tutorial helpful and will keep it in mind the next time you're itching to take your gel polish off your nails. :)

Happy Thursday, loves ! Xo