My Thanksgiving List


In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I wanted to write this post about being thankful. Although Thanksgiving happens once a year, being thankful is a practice that should be done everyday. What people seem to forget is that in the midst of this hectic crazy roller coaster called life, there are many things to be thankful for. Although I'm only 24 and it'd be weird of me to say that I've already lived a very fulfilling life, there's a part of me that feels very grateful for the experiences I've had in my short years here on Earrh. I've met some of the most humble people who had nothing, yet they kept joy in their hearts and never failed to show gratitude and thanks to everyone around them. Then again, I've met some of the most selfish and ungrateful people who had everything, and still weren't satisfied with the things in their lives. It's kind of mind blowing how people could have everything, yet they never seem to find the satisfaction they're looking for. You can have everything on the planet, but if you still don't find a spirit of thanksgiving within yourself, you're never going to happy with your life.

In a power hungry, money thirsty, "More is everything" type of society we live in today, don't forget to always take a time out and look at your life. Look at the beautiful people you're surrounded around, the possessions you own, and the experiences you've endured. Yes, maybe your family and friends annoy you sometimes, or you don't have the car you want or the job you want. Maybe you wish you had more money, more possessions, all so you could fill in that void of satisfaction you feel because you never seem to have enough. But there are people who don't even have a family, that don't have friends. There are people who are struggling to find a job or don't even have a car to drive. There are people who have nothing and don't have money to buy material possessions at all. When you start to see the big picture of things and realize that life isn't all about you and getting more, you realize that you have so much to be thankful for.

This holiday season, test yourself. List out the things you're thankful for and read what you wrote. You just might be surprised at what you come up with. I made a list a few years ago and keep the folded piece of paper in my wallet. Whenever I feel like I need to take a time-out due to a disappointment or if I feels I'm in a rut, I take this list out and I read it. It makes me feel better because I realize that my life is plentiful, filled with wonderful people, a healthy life, amazing opportunities, and an abundance of love & joy.

This Thanksgiving, I wrote a new list about what I'm thankful for. Take time today to do the same thing and share the list with your loved ones. This is a holiday to not only eat awesome food and spend time with your family and friends, but a time to remember that your life is actually more awesome than you realize. You just have to shift your perspective a bit to realize it.

Graciella's Thanskgiving List

1. My Mom: Even though we don't always see to eye on things, she has my back more than I realize and loves me more than anyone on this planet.

2. My family: Although my family is a bit crazy, at the end of the day, they're still my family. We may fight hard, but we love harder.

3. My best friends: They're called "best friends" because they really are the best ! Whether if I need a shoulder to cry on, advice on anything, a venting session, or even just a good heart 2 heart and laugh, they are always there.

4. A roof over my head, clothes to put on, a car to drive, and food to eat: I still live with my Mom as I go through school. She is the first generation from our family to move to the United States. She has worked hard for years to provide necessities for our family. Although some people would be more content with a huge house, the most lavish clothes, an expensive car, and to eat at 5 star restaurants every night, I am content with she has provided for me. I have a cozy room, clothes to wear everyday, a car for me to drive that actually works, and money to buy food. I don't need the expensive things to  make me happy. Thank you, Mommy.

5. My health: Although I'm not super toned and have my dream body (don't judge me), I am in good health and am disease free. I can see, hear, taste, and sniff. I can move every part of my body with no pain. I can breathe. I'm living and that's important.

6. Patient and Strength: I've endured some of toughest things, but I always seem to persevere stronger than I expect. I'm thankful that I've learned to be patient and keep going even if life hands me a bad apple sometimes.

7. Music and quotes:When things get me down, I always seem to stumble on a quote or a song that expresses EXACTLY how I feel. I'm thankful that there are people in this world who share the same struggles as me and can express it in the most beautiful way, whether it be through written words about life or lyrics to a song.

8. The opportunities I have: As an art student and with the economy, I sometimes doubt if God will open doors for my life, but then I feel like an idiot because He always does! I've had the chance to do some awesome things with my life. I've been provided with the tools to successfully execute some great projects, connect with great people, and experience some amazing things. I'm very grateful and I can't wait to see what else He has in store for my life.

9. The world and its nature: This world is absolutely stunning ! There so much to see, so much to do, so many people to meet ! I'm so grateful to be alive and live in a world of beautiful sunlight, gorgeous mountains, crisp air, beautiful trees, grass, and flowers, a big vast crisp blue sky, sparkling stars, and a beautiful moon. I can't wait to explore it all.

10. My ability to stay positive: No matter what happens in life, I always end up positive in the end. I might go through a phase of negativity, but I still end up having hope and faith that things will work out. If I didn't have that to keep me going, I would be such a negative Nancy.

11. My faith life: If I didn't connect myself with God, I would be one angry, bitter, and just down right morbid little lady. I've had my ups and downs, but God has always had my back. I have stories about His love, grace, and powers that make me one hundred percent sure that God exists. Without Him, I'd be nothing.

What does your list look like? What are you thankful for in your life? I'm curious to know, so leave a comment below. :)

Hope you all have a spectacular Thanksgiving ! Eat yummy food and don't forget to show and tell your loved ones how much you adore and love them.

Until next time, love bugs ! Xo