About Me

My name is Graciella Colmenares and I am a lifestyle blogger based out of Las Vegas, NV. As a blog that focuses on posts about faith, fashion & food, my mission as an influencer is to showcase my adventures in Vegas through my passions. My love for creating DizzySpangle.com is driven by my enthusiasm and love for fashion, most importantly, the local Las Vegas fashion community. I cultivate a variety of posts that feature my favorite fashion/beauty items, inspirational thoughts influenced by my faith life, recipes of simple meals and features of delicious local events and eateries.

About the Blog

My faith posts are the parts of my blog where I testify to God's glory and how He has renewed me as a strong Christian woman. In this section, you'll find stories of encouragement, inspiration and motivation.

With fashion being one of my passions (like the rhyme I made there?), my fashion posts are a collection of some of my favorite looks of the season while living here in Las Vegas. I also feature some of my favorite beauty products and showcase video tutorials that can be found on my Youtube page (Don't forget to subscribe!)

Food is such a wonderful thing and I adore anyone who has a knack for cooking and creating not only delicious recipes, but healthy ones. I am not the best cook, but I am inspired by the millions of healthy recipes I find browsing the internet. In my food posts, you'll find recipes that I've tested out in my own kitchen and posts on some of the best places to eat here in Vegas.